2022 Lenten Truck Sales Product List

The following items will be available for purchase at our Truck Sale Events while supplies last. 

Please keep in mind we have put this list together and made it available to you in order to make your shopping experience a little easier. We may run out of some items and some prices may change due to market costs changing daily. An updated product and price list will be available at each individual Truck Sale.  

 Fish & Seafood Processing and Wholesaling


Smoked Salmon Chunks - 2lb box

Blue Harbor Fish & Seafood 

2022 Lenten Truck Sales Pre-Order ONLY Product List

The following items are available for Pre-Order ONLY. This means they will not be on the truck unless you have called to order them. Pre-Orders must be placed 2 days (or more) prior to the date of the Truck Sale you will be attending.  You can call our office (920) 435-4633 or send a private message through our Facebook Page to place your Pre-Order. These items are available while supplies last. 


4oz Cold Water Lobster Tails each

Rock Lobster Tails  - per lb

     *Various Sizes Available*


Jumbo King Crab Legs - 1lb

Snow Crab Legs and Claws - 1lb

*BULK* Snow Crab Legs and Claws  - 10lb box

Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese Crab Bites - 36oz pkg


Rainbow Trout Fillets - per 1lb

Lake Trout Fillets - per 1lb

Whitefish Fillets - per 1lb

Breaded Lake Perch  - per 1lb

Breaded Bluegill  - per 1lb

Breaded Walleye Fillets  - per 1lb

Breaded Walleye Fingers - per 1lb

Whole Smelt for Bait - per 1lb

Lutefisk -  - per 1.75lb pkg

Cape Capensis Cold Water Cod Fillets  - per 1lb

Pollock Portions (Iceland) - per 1lb

Premium Cod Loins - per 1lb

​Premium Haddock Loins  - per 1lb


Cooked, No Shell

16-20ct Cooked Shrimp - 2lb bag

26-30ct Cooked Shrimp - 2lb bag

Raw, Shell-On, De-veined
6-8ct EZ Peel Prawn - 2lb bag
13-15ct EZ Peel Shrimp - 2lb bag

16-20ct EZ Peel Prawn - 2lb bag
26-30ct EZ Peel Shrimp - 2lb bag

Raw, No Shell, De-veined
16-20ct Raw Shrimp - 2lb bag

26-30ct Raw Shrimp  - 2lb bag

40-50ct Raw Shrimp (Block Frozen) - 4lb block

Breaded Shrimp

Jumbo Breaded Shrimp - 3lb box

Large Breaded Shrimp - 3lb box

Jumbo Coconut Shrimp - 3lb box

Wild Shrimp

26-30ct Raw Shell On Shrimp - 1lb bag


Little Neck Clams - 1lb pkg
Whole Mussels - 1lb pkg

Scallops 10-20ct - 1lb bag
Scallops 40-60ct - 1lb bag

Frog Legs - per 1lb

Alligator - 1lb pkg

Seafood Mix - 1lb pkg

Bluegill Fillets  - per 1lb

Catfish Fillets - per 1lb

Cod Portions - per 1lb
Haddock Portions - per 1lb

USA Sockeye Salmon Portions - per 1lb
Tilapia Fillets - per 1lb

6oz Seabass Portions 
Ahi Tuna Portions - per 1lb

6oz Swordfish Portions each

Walleye Fillets - per 1lb

European Lake Perch - per 1lb

Grouper Fillets  - per 1lb

Snapper Fillets - per 1lb

6oz Halibut Portions each

4oz Mahi Mahi Portions each

Smelt - per 1lb

*BULK* Pollock Fillets - 10lb box

Battered/Breaded Fish

Parmesan Crusted Pollock Fillets - per 1lb

Raw Breaded Cod Portions - 1lb

Raw Breaded Sandwich Portions  - 2.5lb pkg

Battered Smelt - per 1lb